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What are Michi-no-Eki

Michi-no-Eki means “Roadside Station” in Japanese. The Michi-no-Eki system was launched 20 years ago to create a safe, comfortable road traffic environment, and unique, lively spaces that showcased the individuality of a region.
Each Michi-no-Eki has three distinct features:
“Refresh” – Rest facilities that include free 24-hour parking and restrooms.
“Community” – Regional co-operation where cultural centers, tourist attractions, recreation and other local development facilities promote interaction with the region.
“Information” – Where road, tourist and emergency care information is readily available.

Refresh Community Information

Each Michi-no-Eki is a representation of the unique characteristics of the region and provides local area information and various services and events for patrons to enjoy.
Michi-no-Eki is established by a city, town or village and has been registered with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) Road Bureau.

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