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  • All Nippon Michi-no-Eki Network is organized into region blocks to facilitate information exchange and mutual co-operation. The network aims to maintain and improve the quality of Michi-no-Eki and contribute to improving the services provided to the users and local communities.
    All Nippon Michi-no-Eki Network is separated into nine region blocks. Region blocks share information, provide liaison and coordination services to Michi-no-Eki locations, and operate training sessions, seminars and other events to make every Michi-no-Eki under their jurisdiction even better.


RIRS (Research Institute for Road and Street)
3F MA-building 15-12 Kiba2-chome, Koto-ku Tokyo-to 135-0042, Japan


Established 17 December 2012
The Inaugural Meeting was held in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture where Mayor Toshiaki Honda (Tohoku Block Chairman) was sworn in as network chairman.
Inaugural Meeting Participants
105 Mich-no-Eki Installation personnel (cities, towns and villages) and 350 Michi-no-Eki affiliates (Mayors, governors, and stationmasters)

Officers and Directors

(as of Feb. 2015)

All Nippon Michi-no-Eki Block Chairman
  BlockHokkaido ChairmanHokkaido
Eniwa City Mayor
Yutaka Harada
All Nippon Michi-no-EkiChairman BlockTohoku ChairmanIwate
Tono City Mayor
Toshiaki Honda
All Nippon Michi-no-EkiVice-chairman BlockKanto ChairmanGunma
Fujioka City Mayor
Toshiaki Arai
All Nippon Michi-no-EkiAuditor BlockHokuriku ChairmanIshikawa
Hakusan City Mayor
Noriaki Yamada
  BlockChubu ChairmanGiFu
Seki City Mayor
Shinji Ozeki
All Nippon Michi-no-EkiVice-chairman BlockKinki ChairmanWakayama
Tanabe City Mayor
Mitsutoshi Manago
All Nippon Michi-no-EkiAuditor BlockChugoku ChairmanHiroshima
Miyoshi City Mayor
Kazutoshi Masuda
  BlockShikoku ChairmanKochi
Suzaki City Mayor
Kosaku Kusunose
  BlockKyushu,Okinawa ChairmanFukuoka
Munakata City Mayor
Hiromi Tanii
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